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Membership Expectations

Why do we need expectations??

Because everything you do reflects on The Soundless Cult (and honestly, all soundless toons in general). Soundless toons are fairly rare in game, so when toons only see you and you're rude, they will associate your attitude with soundless, and it only hurts the group as a whole. By abiding by our expectations you’re helping your reputation and all the other soundless toons’ reputations out there.


In-Game Expectations

  • No greening!

  • We have a zero tolerance policy for hacking. If you know of a working injector PLEASE report it to TTR Staff immediately. 

  • No shopping with randoms in the full district (shop with a shopping clan or put together your own group)

  • Be friendly to everyone. If someone isn’t kind to you, use the ignore button.

  • Try to avoid being bossy. There is a difference between being bossy and being a leader.

  • Remember children play this game, so use runs with “unintelligent” players as a teaching opportunity.

**If a member is found breaking these rules depending on the offense they may be asked to leave the Cult.**

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