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Our Discord Chat

Your home away from home.

You can access our Discord server by clicking here:
Note: When you join you will not have authorization to type or voice, you'll have to send us proof in our #welcome-channel that you have a soundless toon! Your toon can be as low as The Brrrgh to be considered soundless (as long as you send us a shot of your gags and of your training page) we also allow special toons who have trained for sound but have left their bike horn at 0/40 XP.
Friends are always welcome too!

Chat Expectations

  • Be respectful of other members (if you feel like someone is disrespecting you please bring it to a staff member)

  • Keep it PG

  • Refrain from using derogatory terms like retarded, gay, etc 

  • Keep rants to the #rant channel

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